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Food Additive Lecithin Soybean Liquid

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China
Brand Name: Ceres
Certification: ISO9001,GMP,Kosher
Model Number: Lecithin Soybean Liquid
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: $3-9kg
Packaging Details: Drum, Vacuum Packed, Aluminium Foil Bag
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 10000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
Detail Information
Product Name: Lecithin Soybean Liquid Appearance: Yellow Liquid
CAS: 8002-43-5 Molecular Formula: C42H80NO8P
EINECS No: 232-307-2 Grade: Food Grade
Place Of Origin: China Shelf Life: 24 Months
COA: Available Storage: Cool, Dry, Darkness, & Ventilate

Product Description

Factory Supply Salicin 25% White Willow Bark Extract Powder

Product Description
Soy lecithin, also known as E322, is a by-product in the process of refining soybean oil and is the essence extracted from soybeans. Soy lecithin is a basic substance of life. It is not only an important part of the human biofilm, but also a source of choline and fatty acids. It plays a key role in maintaining the physiological activity of the biofilm and the normal metabolism of the body. It is known as the "blood vessel". Scavengers". It has the functions of enhancing vitality and assisting blood lipids.

Lecithin is a food additive that comes from several sources — one of them being soy. It's generally used as an emulsifier, or lubricant, when added to food, but also has uses as an antioxidant and flavor protector. Soy lecithin powder (E322) is an emulsifier that helps fat and water stay together. Soy lecithin is a natural phospholipid from soybeans that is partially water-soluble, an emulsifier that helps fat and water bind together. Therefore, it is commonly added to foods such as chocolate, cheese, margarine and salad dressings.
It has health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels.

Soy lecithin comes in many sizes, we can supply soy lecithin powder, soy lecithin liquid, soy lecithin granules and so on.
Other Names
Brand Name
Model Number
E322 Soy Lecithin Powder
light yellow powder
Acetone insoluble 95%
Active Ingredient
Acetone insoluble
1. Purify the blood, regulate blood lipids;
2. Enhance memory and prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's;
3. Beauty detoxification, keep skin moisture, and promote the decomposition of excess fat;
4. Promote bowel movement and prevent constipation;
5. Prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver and prevent the occurrence of fatty liver;
6. Effectively target diabetes.

Food field: It can be widely used in bakery, chocolate, candy,Infant formula, meat products (canned food, ham sausage), beverages, dairy products, margarine, shortening, etc.;


1. This natural food grade emulsifier and fat agent can be used to provide a smoother and larger volume dough and also help to evenly distribute the ingredients in the dough.
2. In confectionery, it can reduce viscosity, replace more expensive ingredients, control the flow characteristics of sugar crystallization and chocolate, and improve the shelf life of certain products.
3. Helps to mix ingredients evenly when added to salad dressings, gravies and sauces.
4. Add dissolved dark or milk chocolate for a silky texture.


Health products field: can be made into capsules, tablets, powdered nutritional supplements;

Daily chemical field: can be used in coatings, paints, textiles, leather, skin care products or pesticides, etc.

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